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If you live in Orange County, and you would like a personal coach, step-by-step from beginning to finish line, this is the service for you.  This type of plan includes run assessment and creation of your training calendar.  WE will also come up with a calendar where I run every step with you at your pace and help ensure that you cover ALL dynamics of training.


Price: $65/hour (1 Person)
Discounts available if we can find others that will join the same training time schedule as you! 


If you live in Orange County, and you would like to have a personal coach to help you through your runs, this is the service for you.  This type of coaching will involve 1 run per week (up to 1 hour), with me, at your pace. The first month will include an in-depth, in-person evaluation as well as a detailed training plan with instructions and reminder weekly.  Based on your plan, we will run 1 of your scheduled workouts (up to 1 hour) together per week throughout your training program. This plan is ideal for the beginning runner that needs extra attention, or the more experienced runner looking for a more detailed, personal experience.  Regardless of your ability level, this type of coaching will provide you with the opportunity to work individually with a coach and have your specific needs addressed while you are running.


Price: $300 for the first month, subsequent months $250.   


We all lead busy lives.  But that doesn't mean we can't still receive personalized training.  This type of coaching will involve communication that is primarily done by phone and email.  The first month of coaching includes an initial phone consultation (approximately 30-60 minutes) and a full training plan with detailed instructions and reminders weekly. Most clients choose online coaching because it fits their schedule perfectly!  


Price: $200 for the first month, subsequent months $125.


If you just want a training plan for a specific race, we can develop a training plan geared towards your specific goals and needs.  The price for a training plan includes a consultation to determine your current fitness level, health/injury history, and running goals.  Prices vary based on training plan length and race distance.  


Price Range: $150-400

Regardless of which coaching service you choose, I will do my very best to help you reach your goals.  I am always available to answer questions, bounce off ideas, and give you whatever support you need.  You'll never be on your own.  

If you have any questions, or are ready to get started, feel free to contact me at:

Tel - 949-510-3001
Fax - 949-281-6611

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